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We asked our customers what they thought of our S & P Daytrade program...

"It's a good system. It's a good system. I haven't seen anything better. I especially like the 'clearout'. That allows you to take both sides."
Rob R.

"I've never made so much money, so fast in my life. I drive a truck for a living. I made 4 months salary in 2 days." "I have just about every piece of software available. I believe the STC Daytrader is the Best available by far."
John T.

"It's working beautifully. I'm happy with it. I'm up about $12,000 in three months."
Phil I.

"Thanks for introducing me to your S&P Daytrading System. As you know, I have over 64% winners with average profit of $2,054 per winning contract traded. The average net profit for all trades (profits and losses) is $761 per contract. Look forward to continued success."
Gary C.

"A great system for someone with a full-time job."
Rod G.

"It just works. Trading 1 contract using the STC S&P daytrade system I made $9,579.80 in one day - Thank You."
Pual T.

"I'm pleased. In less than two months, I'm up about $13,000."
Hugh Y.

"It's something that is working pretty well over a long time frame."
Arlene C.

"Thank you for your call this morning about 5:00. It was good to know I made $5,000 yesterday...The system is doing so well and has been for the last nine months, so it has created a lot of confidence in me."
Randy N.

"It's been working. I've made money with it. I've used it a long time. Drawdowns...haven't hurt."
Jay S.

"I'm glad I got a copy of it. I'm convinced it's a sound design."
Dennis G.

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